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Your Brand Reputation

Project by Emanuele Bossolasco
Category Marketing

Are you taking care of your brand reputation?


Brand reputation is the consideration people have about a brand, a product or a company.

Reputation isn't defined in a day, it is builded over time and must be taken care of each day. 


In order to reach more customers many people focus on creating content, SEO optimization, link building strategies, reviews, shares, but nothing is more important than a good reputation of a brand or a product.


In reality, as it is in the digital world, you must take into account what people think and say about you. On the web, in social media, etc. is even more important as everything is amplified and can extend in a unrestrained way, never to be taken for granted.

It is also true the people make their choices based on the opinions around a brand.

In every moment a potential customer can check, through any device, all channels that allow the brand reputation to be an added value in the purchase or acquisition funnel.


Online brand reputation must be a decisive aspect in each web marketing strategy.


You must protect your name and you can't just remove your presence online: people will talk about your brand anyway.


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