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Acqua per la vita - Website

Project Website
Category Digital

New website for a nonprofit organization


This organization main goal is to bring safe water in areas at risk of desertification like in the Horn of Africa.
Acqua per la Vita was officially born in 2004 following a mission in Eritrea, to finance the building of two water wells. This Onlus organization is dedicated to the Dr. Antonio Cornaglia, as the first donation was made in his memory.  
As well as building water wells, acqueducts and water channels, Acqua per la Vita supports some difficult realities in various ways: by sending healthcare material for hospitals, helping schools and donating money to those women who take care of trees in areas on the way of desertification, organizing as well training events over those areas.


This project has been realized pro bono.


The project includes:

  • Logo design, business card
  • Social media strategy
  • Website design and development